Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do we have to pay in advance?
When booking online you have to pay at least a deposit in advance by credit card, but you are welcome to pay the deposit and the full hire fee in advance. If you do not pay in advance, then the remainder is due for payment by cash or cheque upon delivery of the equipment. Our drivers are under instruction not to leave the equipment unless payment has been made in full so please ensure you have the means to pay on delivery as otherwise it puts our drivers in a difficult position. Note: Corporate events are an exceptions to this rule.

Q: Do you send us confirmation?
If you book online or give us an email address when you book on the phone then we will send you confirmation of your booking including all of details by email. If you do not have an email address then we will give you a confirmation number. You can then check the details of your booking online using this booking number and your name through our website. We do not routinely send out confirmation letters unless you specifically request one. We also do not call before the day of your hire, unless there may be a problem with the weather or the time of your delivery or collection - otherwise, please expect your equipment to be delivered at the time you have requested.

Q: Can we use your inflatables indoors or on a hard surface?
We CAN NOT setup on a hard surface outside but inside hires on a hard surface are no problem, please state that you wish to use the castle indoors when you book. We will then ensure that we bring the appropriate equipment to anchor the bouncy castle for your hire (we use Sandbags indoors otherwise we will use 18" metal stakes to anchor the equipment).

Q: How high does the ceiling need to be when I put a bouncy castle indoors?
When choosing a venue for an indoor hire please ensure you check the dimensions of your inflatable on our website and ensure that the ceiling is at least as high as this measurement (allowing clearance for lights, ceiling fans, etc across the width and depth of the inflatable). If you are in any doubt please call us as you will be liable for the cost of repairing any damage caused!

Q: Do you supply safety mats?
We supply safety mats to cover the ground 4 feet from all equipment entrances and exits as per the current HSE recommendations.

Q: Can we use your bouncy castles outdoors in the rain?
In light rain it is possible to use some of our bouncy castles. Please bear in mind that the castles are powered by an electric blower and while all connections are made using splash proof connectors and a RCD device is supplied to reduce the risk of electric shock, using any electrical equipment in heavy rain is not recommended. Also please bear in mind that the equipment will be become slippery when wet which may lead to accidents.

Q: Will you cancel our booking if the weather is bad?
If the weather is bad on the day of your hire we will call you in the morning to dicuss your options, at this point you have the choice to cancel your booking which will result in loss of deposit paid. If you decide to go ahead then you are liable for the cost of the hire and we will retain any deposits paid if you change your mind. In some circumstances (torrential rain or high winds) we will cancel outdoor bookings on the grounds of safety and refund any deposits paid.

Q: Can we hire Inflatables for use outdoors in the winter?
We have castles specificaly for outdoor use only in winter please call for details.

Q: Do you have Public liability insurance and are we covered by it?
We do have public liability insurance for 5m and you are covered under our policy as long as it is supervised by a responsible sober adult who is following our guide lines the only exception to this is the mechanical bull and surf machine which must be supervised by our staff.

Q: Can we use an inflatable on a hill?
Inflatables can be used on slight slopes up to a drop of approximately 1ft in a distance of about 12ft. Please bear in mind that the surface needs to be reasonably flat as well (there should not be a variation of more than about 8" across the surface).

Q: Do we have to blow it up?
Our inflatables are all supplied with electric blowers. These require access to a standard 13amp socket to be inflated. Extension leads up to a length of 50m are supplied as standard. If you do not have access to power please contact us to arrange for hire of a generator.

Q: Do you supply petrol with your generators?
Yes, our generators are supplied with a full tank of fuel which is enough to run them for approx 10hrs at full load.

Q: Can you supply fencing for public events?
We can supply crowd control fencing for public events along with a range of safety posters - please contact us for more details of how we can help your event.

If you cannot see your question answered on this page, please contact us.