Lots of other fun stuff at great prices! Fill the room with thousands of bubbles with our Bubble Machine or hire your very own fun food machine.


Supervision - £25.00/each
Want us to supervise your bouncy castle at your event? Then book us here! We can come along and supervise your equipment for 25 per hour either by just being there as a watchful eye or by taking the money for it's use. If you have any special requirements, please call us before booking...


10KVA DIESEL GENERATOR - £250.00/day
200cm x 150cm x 150cm - 6' x 5' x 5' (L x W x H)
Suitable for 2 to 99 year olds.
If you need lots of power this silent generator will hum away for hours providing enough power for 4 fans at the same time.

6.5KVA Generator (H4)
6.5KVA Generator (H4)

6.5KVA Generator (H4) - £100.00/day
60cm x 80cm x 65cm - 2' x 2' x 2' (L x W x H)
Ideal for public events where power isn't available. This diesel generator is rated at 5.5Kw continuous output, so will run any equipment that that you can plug into a 13A socket.

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