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Giant Ker Plunk
Giant Ker Plunk

Giant Ker Plunk - £20.00/day
Suitable for 5 to 99 year olds.
This giant version of the retro game ker plunk designed in the shape of a castle turret is a fantastic game for all ages. Remove the straws one by one and watch the balls fall down inside the castle tower. The winner...

Mega Connect 4 (2)
Mega Connect 4 (2)

Mega Connect 4 (2) - £25.00/day
Suitable for 2 years and older.
Strategy, skill and of course a lot of luck combine in this giant version of this well known game. Take turns to drop your counters into the frame to try to form a line of 4 and stop your opponent from doing the...

Buzz wire
Buzz wire

Buzz wire - £60.00/day
30cm x 100cm x 70cm - 1' x 3' x 2' (L x W x H)
Suitable for 4 to 99 year olds.
Our giant version of the classic tabletop game buzz wire will shock you with how much fun you can have! Battery powered so can be used any...

Hi Tower (2)
Hi Tower (2)

Hi Tower (2) - £20.00/day
30cm x 30cm x 150cm - 1' x 1' x 5' (L x W x H)
Suitable for 6 years and older.
The classic garden game of skill and cunning. Build up the tower, then take it in turns to remove a piece and add it to the top without...


Skittles - £10.00/day
Suitable for 2 to 99 year olds.
This is a great game for all ages,our hardwood skittles are beautifully polished to give a quality finish. Test your accuracy to the limit and try to knock all the pins down in one.

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